10-5-15 Class Update

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Week 6 is off to a big start! The kindergartners are making me smile every day! They are a sweet, funny bunch! I have joked many times about writing a book of funny kid quotes… but for now, I will try to add a few stories/ quotations at the end of my weekly updates.


  • We have begun talking about the importance of making mistakes!! 🙂 Last week we read The Girl who Never Made Mistakes & this week we will read The Beautiful Oops. Teaching students about the power of choosing to find a positive from making mistakes is an important lesson that ties into Beye’s push of having a "growth mindset". Last year, many schools in the nation began receiving professional development about the importance of teaching our children to have a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset has been proven to help students achieve higher test scores. Here is a little infographic to get you started. You can also learn more here.


  • Picture Day is next Friday, 10 /16. Today you received a white paper where you can order the pictures through. Please send it back to school in your kindergartner’s folder whenever you are able. (There may be an online ordering option as well?!)
  • I began a new photo album titled "Fall 2015". My current favorite is capturing videos of the kindergartners at recess – so you can see how sweet they are together! They are into singing songs while they are sit together eating their snacks.
  • We began the computer program, Lexia today! We will try to do Lexia at school 3x a week. I will send home a letter soon with information about how you can have your kindergartner work on Lexia at home. Lexia is an online reading program (I firmly support it! It is awesome!) where students learn phonics, vocabulary, sight words and letter recognition in a game based approach.
  • Professionally, I am working on a program called the National Board Certified Teacher. I sent home a letter today that explains more and asks for your permission to have your student in videos and photographs. I will be using these photos and videos while writing reflections about my own teaching practice. Please take a moment to look over the letter and let me know if you have any questions. If you could fill out the permission form and send it back, I would appreciate it.
  • There is no school this Friday (teacher institute day) or Monday (Columbus Day)!

What We’re Learning in Kindergarten Lately:

  • Math: review writing numerals 0-9
  • Math: 2-D "plain shapes": circle, square, rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid, triangle
  • Writing: Upper Case Corner Start letters
  • Reading: setting, characters, major events, details, fiction vs. non-fiction, writing words to illustrate our pictures
  • We are in week three of Road to Reading! The kindergartners will be assessed on their current skill and we will decide if they can move up to the next skill, or if they need more practice in their current skill set. You will get a letter home this week that tells you how the first round or Road to Reading went and what skill your child is working on.
  • I am still working on one on one assessments for reading and math. I look forward to sharing with you at our parent teacher conference!

Sight Words to know: have, to, yellow, I, can, the, we, red, blue, like, a, go, see, green

How to Help at Home

  • Try changing your voice while reading stories with dialogue… see if your kindergartner can "match your voice" and tell you who is talking.

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, October 9th: No School for Teacher Institute Day
Monday, October 12th: No School for Columbus Day
Friday, October 16th: Picture Day!
Week of October 19th: Parent Teacher Conferences (please see sign up above!)

I leave you with some cute kindergarten chuckles…

  • We were talking about how we know Chrysanthemum: I asked the class if it was fiction or non-fiction and how did they know that. We have been talking about how when animals wear clothes or go to school, we know it is not true. But this answer made me stop and laugh for a few moments… One boy said, "I know it’s fiction because in real life mice don’t stand next to banana trees."

  • While we were talking about the school compact, I told the class we have 4 groups that are all focused on them doing well in school. I drew a quadrant on the board and we talked about our four groups are 1. your parents 2. your teacher 3. your principal 4. you … One boy calls out , "Oooh, ohh, you forgot Grandpas!"

🙂 There are about 10 more of these cute stories every day, but I just can’t remember them all!



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