9-26-16 Class Update

Hello Kindergarten Families,

This week in kindergarten our theme is "Family"! We continue to learn about each other by sharing about our families. We will also read many books about family members and different types of families. See more below…


  • Friday is picture day! There are usually Beye parent volunteers to help make sure the transitions between students and classes goes smoothly (help smooth hair & straighten out shirts). I’m looking for one volunteer who can meet us on the playground at 9:55 for our class picture and snap a few photos of our class (so we don’t have to wait for the picture company to get back to us). Please let me know if you’re available and willing to swing by on Friday. Thanks!
  • Our class’ Room Parents this year are Dessalina Day (Noah), Jessica Childs (Evelyn & Lafayette), Katrina Sifferd Kelley (Harrison), and Katy Borders (Madelyn). They will be working together to help keep you informed of any extra Beye School happenings and helping plan some of our big class events!
  • Students are coming home today with two packets in their red folders. One is their normal homework packet. The other "All About Me" book is to be completed over the next few weeks. It is not due until Tuesday, October 11th. I’m asking that students do the writing with your help (simple words to fill in the sentences). You may add photographs or draw pictures in the picture boxes. We will share with the class the week of October 11th.
  • We have begun using Lexia in school. You can access Lexia at home too! I have attached a document to show you how to get to Lexia from your computer or ipad. The recommended usage is 40-60 minutes per week. We try to get 40 minutes for each child each week, but if you want them to work on it more at home, feel free! I will send home the password cards tomorrow.
  • Art Smocks: If your child does not have an art smock, please send one in ASAP. An old adult shirt works well…. Art smocks are kept in students’ lockers and used on Mondays for Art class.
  • Extra change of clothes: It is very helpful that we have a change of clothes in each students’ locker for any unexpected accidents, spills, bloody noses, etc. If your child doesn’t have an extra set, please send one in!
  • Donating old clothes: If your family is doing any fall cleaning and has clothes to donate, there are two great causes at Beye School. One is the nurse’s office. She is looking for cleaned girls and boys underwear and pants to keep in the office. Also, a Beye Girl Scout troop is starting a clothing drive for "gently used winter clothes (children or adult snow pants, coats, boots, hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters, shirts and pants)
  • Tomorrow is Library day for our class! Please help your child put their library book in their backpack tonight (some have already been returned).

What We’ve Been Learning Lately in School:
Our Theme this Week: Family Week!
We will read stories and practice reading family words (brother, sister, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa). We will also do a few crafts & play some math games focused on families and love.

Handwriting: We are working on our "Frog Jump Capital" letters: F, E, D, P, B, R
All of these letters start in the upper left corner (of an imaginary letter box). Once you make a straight line down, your pencil jumps like a frog back to the upper left to make the next pencil stroke.

Writing: Today we began our first "Writing Workshop". The class decided our writing club would be called the "Lightning Strike Writers". haha! Okay! We voted and everything. It works though- we must get right to work on our writing, moving fast like lightning. I’ll take it… Each day of the week we will have a 30-40 minute "Writer’s Workshop" where we meet for a 10 minute mini-lesson, have writing practice time, and then share about our work at the end. The mini-lessons and during the writing time are where I will explicitly teach how to write. This is an exciting journey we begin together! I look forward to showing you their growth at our conferences in the next few weeks. The students are already growing from one lesson- I’m seeing more risk takers putting letters on their paper to label their picture and try to sound out a word to write it.

Math: This week we continue our lessons on writing the numbers 8 & 9. We will also begin our Eureka Math lessons, focusing on classifying objects into groups, writing numbers, and counting objects up to 10 when shown in various ways (straight lines, in a circle, or scattered).

Ways You Can Help At Home:

  • Download Lexia app on your ipad (or check it out on a computer). The Oak Park Public library also has Lexia on their computers. Have your kindergartner work on it with your light supervision for about 10 minutes at a time.
  • Another app to check out is "Letter School". I think it is a paid app, but it is a good one for learning letters & the proper letter formation.
  • Practice tying shoelaces! This is a big one for kindergartners… By the end of kindergarten, all students should be able to tie their own shoes.๐Ÿ™‚

Kinder Quotes (overheard in our classroom):

Last week during "Me Week", we shared at Morning Meeting with the sentence starter, "I am good at…" Here were some of our class’ answers: tricks, 2 wheel bikes, flips, gym class, coloring, fishing, making potions, traveling, climbing, scooters, baseball๐Ÿ™‚

Upcoming Dates
Friday, September 30th: Picture Day!
Thursday, October 6th: Parent Teacher Conferences
Monday, October 10th: NOSchool- Columbus Day
Thursday, October 13th: Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday & Friday October 20th & 21st: 1/2 Days of School
Monday, October 31st: Halloween celebration in the afternoon. Details TBD. Costumes are encouraged. Parents & siblings are invited to our afternoon parade & party.

Thanks! Have a great week. Let me know if you have any questions, comments!

Jessica Bretl
Kindergarten TeacherBeye School

Class Website
Weekly Class Updates
708-524-3001 ext. 2015

How to Access Lexia Core 5 at Home.pdf

9-19-16 Class Update

Hi Kindergarten Families!

It is the start of week 4! We are getting into the swing of school and starting some of our core academic programs. This week we are beginning Road to Reading, Writer’s Workshop, and Math. Woohoo! The students continue to be a joy! I missed them this weekend and was ready to get back to school today. Last week we studied color words. It was a lot of fun. If you notice any color words in print, point them out to your kindergartner to see if they can recognize them.


  • Parent Teacher Conferences will be held on two Thursday afternoon/ evenings.
  • Thursday, October 6th and Thursday, October 13th will be the dates. FYI: There are two other dates set aside for Beye families to do Parent Teacher conferences, but I actually need to be out those two days, so I am scheduling our conferences earlier.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know and we will work something out.
  • We will discuss our beginning of the school year assessments and make goals for the rest of kindergarten for your child. I look forward to meeting with you!
  • We will begin "Road to Reading" tomorrow. Road to Reading is a 30 minute block of time during our Language Arts time where the kindergartners will be grouped by their skill level to work on phonemic awareness and phonics. They may stay with me, or "travel" to a different teacher: Mrs. , Mrs. Weigel, and Mrs. Higgins help support the Road to Reading program by taking a small group (this helps us keep our groups smaller and target the lessons to each group’s needed skills).
  • A continuum of the phonemic awareness and phonics skills are attached to this email. Students are in lessons for 2 weeks and then we reassess on the 3rd week. We will keep moving the students through the Phonemic Awareness skill continuum until they "graduate out" to the Phonics Continuum.
  • I am sending home an article tomorrow I thought was easy to read and helpful for Kindergarten parents to learn a bit more about learning to read and how you can support Phonemic Awareness skills at home.
  • Tomorrow I will also be sending home a Box Tops for Education paper. If you see Box Tops on the top of your cereal boxes, etc. you can cut them out and have your kindergartner glue it to the paper. Turning in the paper with boxtops helps raise money for Beye. Students can bring it back to me for a prize once it is complete. Thanks!

What We’ve Been Learning Lately in School:

  • Our Theme this Week: Me Week! We are reading books about being unique, our name and our preferences.
  • Today we read Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henkes. This is a fiction story about a little mouse that goes to school and loves her name, but then she gets teased about her long name and that it is the name of a flower. Ask your kindergartner how this story ended.๐Ÿ™‚
  • In addition to the weekly homework, I am asking each kindergartner also sit with their parents to ask questions about their name. An interview page is coming home today in their red, home folder. Parents should write the answers, but please discuss with your kindergartner, as it is for them to learn about their name. We will share what we learned at the end of this week.
  • Handwriting: We are starting with how to hold your pencil, how to sit up in your chair for proper posture and then we will begin with Capital Letters. The first letters we teach are called "Corner Start Capitals". If you imagine each letter lives inside of a rectangle, we start all of our corner start capitals in the top left corner. We sing the song "Where do you start your letters? At the top, at the top… " Ask your kindergartner to sing it to you!
  • Letter bootcamp: We are learning a new letter each day. We have covered, A,B,C,D, E & F. At the beginning of our bootcamp, we made Letter Crowns. Now we are using our writing journals to glue our googled pictures in and decorating.
  • Math: We have been busy learning how to form the numbers. So far we have learned 0, 1, 2, and 3. We will continue with the rest of the digits this week and then dive into our Eureka Math lessons.

Kinder Quotes (overheard in our classroom):
Favorite foods in our class as told during our morning meeting:chicken, lamb, macaroni, pizza, candy, carrots, cheese fries with bacon, raspberries, cheeseburgers, lettuce, beef jerky

I also heard two students talking about their parents snoring๐Ÿ™‚ One asked, "Can you hear my dad snore from your house? He is as loud as a lawnmower." haha!

Upcoming Dates
Thursday, October 6th: Parent Teacher Conferences
Monday, October 10th: NO School- Columbus Day
Thursday, October 13th: Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday & Friday October 20th & 21st: 1/2 Days of School (for parent teacher conferences)


Second Step Home Links

Hi Families,

The Second Step Homelinks email was sent to you today (see below). This is for your virtual reference. I will be sending home paper copies for you to work on at home for "homework"- if you choose. This is not mandatory homework, but something extra if you wish to support the Second Step program at home.


9-12-16 Class Update

Hello Kindergarten Families!

We have had a great start the last two weeks! This group of students is as sweet as can be! I can tell we will have a great year.๐Ÿ˜‡

Starting today, I will send out a weekly class update to keep you in the loop of classroom happenings & lessons covered. Feel free to respond with any questions or comments!


  • Last week we added a new student to our class, Jaylen! We now have 16 students!๐Ÿ™‚
  • The curriculum night powerpoint is attached to this email if anyone didn’t make it. You can find the most detailed information in the curriculum night packet sent home (or on our class website within a few weeks once it gets updated for this school year).
  • Homework starts today. Detailed directions are on the front page. It is not due until next Monday. Homework should only take 10-15 minutes per afternoon/ evening. The most important homework is to read, read, read!
  • We have a snack every morning during morning recess. Please make sure your kindergartner’s snack is separate from their lunch in their backpack- this really cuts down on confusion (as opposed to picking something out of their lunch to eat for snack).
  • If you are interested in having your child get a hot lunch, just let them know in the morning that they are having hot lunch & they will order it first thing in the morning from our classroom. The lunch schedules can be found online at the Beye website. Another option is to just get a milk from the lunchroom. I believe the milk costs about $0.25. Students can choose white or chocolate milk, so if you want them to get a certain kind, be sure to make that clear with your child at home.๐Ÿ™‚

What We’ve Been Learning Lately in School:

  • The first two weeks of school were focused on getting to know each other, learning how our classroom and the school works and focusing on school rules. For example, we explicitly teach how to use the bathroom in our classroom, keep the bathroom clean, and the sign we use in our classroom to ask to use the bathroom… along with getting water, sharpening your pencil, lining up, pushing in your chair, etc…
  • We read the story No David! and David Goes to School, as well as What if Everybody Did That? to learn about our class rules. Here are two photos of our No David art.


  • We learned our three class rules:
  1. Do what the teacher tells you to do.
  2. Keep your body to yourself.
  3. Raise your hand.
  • We learned what happens if you don’t follow the class rules & we learned about the "Chill Out Zone".
  • Paw Passes! Ask your kindergartner if they have gotten a paw pass! Paw passes are slips of paper that students get when they are "caught being good"! This is part of the school’s PBIS program.
  • Fire Drills– We have had two successful fire drills!
  • PBIS stations around the school to learn expectations for: how to use the bathroom, how to walk in the hallway, use the lunchroom, and play on the playground.
  • Last week, we read the story Elmer and drew a picture about what makes each of us "one of a kind". See below to see photos of our work!
  • We began our Second Step lessons. Mrs. Sheth (the school Language Arts Specialist) will be joining our classroom every Wednesday to teach the second step lessons with our class. During our first week of Second Step, we learned the listening rules and how our brains help us control our body, remember information and pay attention. The 4 listening rules are: Ears Listening, Eyes Watching, Body Still, Voice Quiet.
  • This week we are learning along with the theme of Colors! We are focusing on learning the names of the colors as well as learning to read the color words.
  • We are reading literature this week that relates to colors: Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?, The Day the Crayons Quit, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Freight Train, Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes. We will do activities that help us with language arts skills: such as sequencing (putting the story in order when we retell it) and retelling the story to each other. The students are also working on picking out the Title of the story, author/ illustrator and finding the front and back cover of the book.
  • In Math, we wrote down numbers from 1-20 for the first time on a piece of paper. I collected the paper and we will do the same assessment again in a few months to compare! This is a Common Core standard- right now most kindergartners are not able to write all of their numbers correctly- this is okay! That’s what we’re working on! We have also been counting to 100 in different variations by 1s and by 10s. We brought out some of our math manipulatives (dice, playing cards, counting bears) and got comfortable playing some math games with those.
  • In Handwriting this week, we will learn about "Man Man". Mat Man helps us learn how to draw a person & also leads us to learn how to write our letters and numbers, because both Mat Man and letters/ numbers are made up of circles and lines!

Kinder Quotes (overheard in our classroom):

โ€œIโ€™ve had a cold for three years. My dad forgot to cover his mouth so now I have a cold.โ€

I asked, "What happens if you talk on the carpet?" The answer, a very serious; โ€œThe cops may come and get you.โ€๐Ÿ™‚

curr. night pwpt 2016-2017.ppt

Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!

My name is Jessica Bretl and I am your child’s kindergarten teacher for the 2016-2017 school year. I am excited to start our learning journey together!

Throughout the school year I will be sending weekly email updates about our class events and curriculum. Getting ready for day one, please see the information below.

Classroom Open House & Supply Drop-Off:

  • Friday, August 26 from 8AM-9AM in room 200 (our classroom!)
  • You are welcome to bring your kindergartner (and any siblings/ family members if you’d wish) for a brief classroom tour, meet me and drop off any school supplies.
  • If you do not have your supplies yet, no worries, you can bring them during week one!
  • If you can’t make it on Friday, that is okay too! I know it is late notice & you may already have plans. We will see you on Monday morning for the first day of school!
  • Please note: We use community supplies in our class, so there is no need to label your child’s supplies, or buy special themed folders, etc.

Lunchroom Volunteers:

  • We are looking for volunteers to help the Kindergartners have a smooth lunch experience the first two weeks of school.

Monday, August 29th:

  • is the first day of Kindergarten! Yay!
  • You will receive an email from Mr. Ellwanger (our principal) in the next few days with more directions about where to line-up on Monday.
  • I will meet you outside to pick up the class a little before 7:55 AM- when the first bell rings. Please give your hugs, kisses and goodbyes to your child at that time. I ask that parents say goodbyes at our line-up spot & not enter the building with us — experience shows any crying students recover much faster with a clean break & fast goodbye.๐Ÿ™‚
  • It is often helpful for kindergartners to pack a lunch from home on Monday. If you plan to have them buy a hot lunch and/ or milk/ chocolate milk, that is a great plan to start day two, three or four… but with all of the new events for day one, purchasing lunch is an extra step that you may not want your child to worry about on Monday. Also, I am a big supporter of kindergartners getting in on the action of making their own lunch at home- with your guidance!
  • Please send your kindergartner to school with a backpack, a labeled water bottle, a healthy, nut-free snack & their lunch — with an additional drink/ water bottle separate from their classroom water bottle.

Lastly, please take a moment to fill out this ๐Ÿ˜€ survey ๐Ÿ˜€to better help me take care of your kindergartner on day one!

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and fun! Feel free to email me back any questions or thoughts you feel I should know right away about your child!

~Jessica a.k.a. Ms. Bretl to the kinders๐Ÿ™‚

End of Kindergarten Update

Hello Kindergarten Families,

Can you believe the last day of kindergarten is tomorrow?!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™ƒ

  • We have had a fun end of the school year… From research project presentations, the Zoo field trip, Friday’s Olympic Day & Beach reading day… we have been busy with special events! Check out pictures from the end of the year here.
  • Today we toured the 1st grade classrooms & talked with all three 1st grade teachers, Ms. Banks, Mrs. Dolan & Ms. Las. The kindergartners asked the important questions; "Where are your ipads?" "Do you have chill out?" "Where can we read?"๐Ÿ™‚
  • Tonight is an all school picnic from 5-8 pm. You can also purchase a 2015-2016 yearbook tonight at the picnic! Details below.


  • Tomorrow (our last day) is also busy with fun events.
  • All families are invited to the kindergarten block party!!
  • From 10 AM- 1 PM, on the 200 North Harvey Ave block. Right across from the playground.
  • Parents encouraged to bring balls, frisbees, blankets and chairs!!
  • 10am – Visit from our outstanding OP Fire Department!!
  • 11:15am – pizza being delivered. Will have table with fresh veggies and cut up fruit. Huge water cooler.
  • 12:15pm – a visit from the ice cream truck! Kids will get to choose from 4 options.
  • Tattoo station, face painting station, table with art supplies, bean bag toss, water balloon relay with wooden spoon.
  • Parents are invited to bring outdoor games, bubbles, chalk, balls, frisbees, blankets and chairs!!
  • At 1:15, parents are welcome to attend the end of the year assembly on the black top, North end of the school – by the basketball hoops & USA map. The assembly will last about 20 minutes. Students will walk back into their classrooms to say goodbye & get their end of the year packet & report card.

It has been a pleasure working with the kindergarten parents from room 200 this year! Thank you for your support, and sharing your children with me! I know this group will do wonderful in first grade (and beyond)!


6-1-16 Class Update

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Wednesday, June1st: Today was "Meet Your Team Day" at Beye! We are preparing for Olympic Day on Friday. All students got to meet their Olympic Day team & team captain (a Beye staff member).

Thursday, June 2nd: Tomorrow is our Brookfield Zoo field trip. A separate email went out yesterday to all parents that are planning to chaperone at the zoo. If you are planning to come to the zoo and did not receive a chaperone information email from me, please let me know!

  • Students should pack a disposable lunch for tomorrow.
  • Students should wear their Beye School kindergarten blue t-shirt.
  • Students should wear comfortable walking shoes.

Friday, June 3rd: is Olympic Day! Students are invited to dress in their team’s colors. They should also wear sunscreen & comfortable gym shoes as 1/2 their day will be outside. Water bottles (labeled) are also welcome. Parents are welcome to come help volunteer, or simply stop by to cheer your team(s) on!

Lucy- Italy
Asher B. – Italy
Lucia- New Zealand
Benicio- Ethiopia
Elijah- Jamaica
Jael- USA
Asher K- Thailand
Everett- Nepal
Ben- Israel
Max- Croatia
Helen- Japan
Grayson- Morocco
Ella- China
Andrew- USA
David- Nigeria
Miles- Switzerland
Armani- New Zealand
Evelyn- Spain
Zachary- Korea

Also, all parents are invited to the kindergarten block party on the last day of school Wednesday, June 8th from 10-1. Please note there is also a special teacher dance at 1:30 for all parents to attend on the black top by the USA map (near the commons).

Whew! Hard to believe we are near the end here!
Let me know if you have any questions!

Class Update 5-23-16

Hi Kindergarten Families,

We are in the home stretch! The end of the year is sure busy!๐Ÿ™‚ Before you know it, you will have a 1st Grader!


Tomorrow is pajama day!

  • We are having "Sharing" this week in morning meeting about something you are proud of… students are welcome to bring something in, but can also just tell a story. Please help your kindergartner prepare what they’d like to share (it can be a very simple story).
Here’s our sharing schedule:

Tuesday: Everett, Andrew, Asher B, Jael

Wednesday: Helen, David, Zachary, Miles, Ella

Thursday: Elijah, Benicio, Asher K, Grayson, Salma

Friday: Lucia, Ben, Evelyn, Armani, Max

  • Beye Discovery is here this summer in June & back after school in the fall! Donโ€™t miss out on this amazing, high-quality summer camp and after-school program.
  • Order your 2016-2017 School Kits Now! Save yourself the hassle of end of summer shopping and order your childโ€™s school supplies for next year online. Order school kits by going to www.carlsonschoolkits.com. Select Oak Park, William Beye Elementary and then the grade your child will be entering next year. The kits will be delivered to your childโ€™s classroom for the first day of school.
  • ABC countdown is in full swing. Thanks for supporting your kindergartner each day by checking out the ABC calendar schedule & preparing for their day’s event.
  • Tuesday 5/24 Pajama Day – Students can wear their pajamas!
  • Wednesday 5/25 Quiz Show Day- Nothing to prepare
  • Thursday 5/26 Rock Paper Scissors Day– Nothing to prepare
  • Friday 5/27 School Spirit & Sunglasses Day– Students are welcome to wear blue, Beye wear and sunglasses
  • Tuesday 5/31 Thank You Day– Nothing to prepare

What We’ve Been Learning in Kindergarten:

  • This week we are finishing up reading assessments -both for Common Core standards and DIBELs (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy)
  • Math: We are practicing subtraction word problems and decomposing teen numbers.
  • Reading & Writing: We have been learning how to use context clues to understand the meaning of a word in a non-fiction text. Our stories have focused on the theme "seeds".
  • We are also writing about our dream gardens this week!
  • Decoding skills: We are discussing what to do when you reach a word you do not know. You may have seen some bookmarks come home to tell you about each skill from the day. So far we have learned:
  • Eagle Eye – Look at the pictures for clues
  • Lips the Fish- Get your lips ready. Look at the first letter(s). Say that sound.
  • Stretchy Snake- Stretch out the word slowly. Then put the sounds together.
  • Chunky Monkey- Look for chunks yo know (ing, ed, am, at, ost, etc.)
  • Tryin’ Lion- Try it again! Reread the sentence. Does it make sense?
  • Skippy Frog- Skip over the word you don’t know! Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back to the skipped word and try it again.

How to Help at Home:

  • Help prepare a quick "sharing" about something your kindergartner is proud of (see schedule above).
  • Finish the Kindergarten research projects. Presentations will begin at the end of this week! I can’t wait!
  • Please make sure you’ve sent in the Brookfield Zoo permission slip. We have about 50% of our class’ forms turned in… All families are welcome to attend this field trip- meeting us at the zoo is a free admission for your car. It’s a fun day! We hope you can come.

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, June 2nd: Brookfield Zoo Field Trip (all families welcome!)

Friday, June 3rd: Olympic Fay (all school field day)

Wednesday, June 8th: Kindergarten Block Party (all families welcome!) & last day of K!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments


Brookfield Zoo permission slip 2016.docx

5-16-16 Class Update

Hello Kindergarten families!

Tomorrow is the big THREE PIGGY OPERA!

We hope to see you and your kindergartner at 6 pm in the Beye School commons!

Three Piggy Opera

  • Students should wear a pink, white, or brown shirt with dark pants or skirt.
  • 6 pm in the commons for the slideshow, then parents & family will head to the auditorium. The kindergarten piggies will shortly follow for their performance!
  • 6:40 in the auditorium = Three Piggy Opera


  • ABC countdown is in full swing. Thanks for supporting your kindergartner each day by checking out the ABC calendar schedule & preparing for their day’s event.
  • Tuesday 5/17 Kindness Day – Nothing to prepare
  • Wednesday 5/18 Legos & Lemonade- You are welcome to bring in some Legos.
  • Thursday 5/19 Mismatched Outfit Day– wear a whacky outfit
  • Friday 5/20 Numbers Mania Day– wear something with a number on it
  • Monday 5/23 On our way to First Grade Writing Day– Nothing to prepare

What We’ve Been Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We had an assembly this morning from the Oak Park Public Library about the Summer Reading Program. Students are encouraged to sign up for the summer reading program & check out books from the library regularly! This is a great way to build excitement about reading and a free supply of books! The summer reading program starts June 1st.
  • Math: We are practicing subtraction word problems and decomposing teen numbers.
  • Reading & Writing: We have been reading many variations of the Three Little Pigs story. Students are practicing identifying the beginning, middle and end of a story.
  • We are also practicing how to use context clues on a page (the surrounding text & pictures) to figure out the meaning of a word… This is different than "decoding" the word by trying to read the word. The goal here is that once you know what the word is, but don’t know the meaning of that word, you can use clues to try to figure it out.
  • Example: "The house reeked of pig." We discussed what we thought "reeked" meant based on our knowledge from previous pages that the wolf said he could smell pig.
  • Decoding skills: We are discussing what to do when you reach a word you do not know. You may have seen some bookmarks come home to tell you about each skill from the day. So far we have learned:
  • Eagle Eye – Look at the pictures for clues
  • Lips the Fish- Get your lips ready. Look a tthe first letter(s). Say that sound.
  • Stretchy Snake- Stretch out the word slowly. Then put the sounds together.
  • Chunky Monkey- Look for chunks yo know (ing, ed, am, at, ost, etc.)

How to Help at Home:

  • How is the kindergarten research project going? Maybe consider heading to the Oak Park Public Library to sign up for the summer reading program & check out some books for your research project!

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, May 17th: Three Piggy Opera performance at 6 pm, Beye School

Thursday, June 2nd: Brookfield Zoo Field Trip (all families welcome!)

Friday, June 3rd: Olympic Fay (all school field day)

Wednesday, June 8th: Kindergarten Block Party (all families welcome!) & last day of K!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

ABC Countdown 2016.doc